Office Hours

Church Office Hours

Monday thru Wednesday 9am to 5pm

Thursday 9am to 12noon

Friday Closed

Saturday 9am to 12noon

One thought on “Office Hours

  1. Good evening,
    In the past my family has used fellowship hall for baby and bridal showers (Paulson/Cooley/Albrecht family) I am wondering if this is still something the church would allow on a Sunday afternoon?
    If so I am wondering about a Sunday mid afternoon April 15h or 22nd. It would be for approx 25 women and there would be more than just myself as an attendee from the church (Gladys Paulson would also be at the shower) I have helped host a few parties at the church so I understand the clean up proceedures as well.
    Please let me know if this is a possibility and thank you for your time!
    God’s blessings,
    Michelle Paulson

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