Sept. Creative Arts Mtg

Creative Arts 9-7-2017
Present: Pastor Jack, Deb Cooley, Lynn Mellenthien, Deb Harrison, Kris Bartelt
Excused: Barb Mitchell, Sara Kamphuis, Jennifer Zander, Joanne Marchionda, Kim Braatz
Review of Sacred Cow Series:
People like deep topics handled in a gentle manner. Special thanks to Orv Kamphuis for returning the cow. Concerns regarding length of series for an entire summer were dispelled as the series progressed. Buttercup (the cow) gave us a focus and allowed us to add or subtract items visually.
Fall Series: Using Lectionary material for this series. Focus – how do we deal with things from the past and where are we going? Fulfilling our purpose.

Mission and Purpose team: Reaching out to the community, taking care of one another, being Presbyterian (what makes us unique- unity and diversity, allowing people to seek their own faith. Team is coming up with 3 more questions for the congregation to answer for further input.

God is the potter and always working with us. Jeremiah “I am the potter and you are the clay”
Water going over the stones constantly sculpting and forming them just as God works with us.
Telephone image — Called to Be In Service Called to Be Healed
God is calling us to Wake Up, God is calling us to Forgive (Matthew.) God is calling us to Share
All are called but few choose to listen. How does God call us? Book of Samuel
We are not called to something we can do, we are called to something that we are not
equipped to do allowing us to learn(grow). God is calling the individual and the community.
Barb Mitchell’s email and experience of being called.
Story of the Memorial Carpet – are we here to take care of stuff or use stuff to share the Good News?
Ending the sermon with a phone ringing. “God is calling, will you answer?”
I am the Shepherd and the sheep know my voice.
Avon calling!
Can you hear me now?
Image: cell phone with God Calling with Decline or Answer buttons
Extra Brainstorming for future props: 300 lb Gorilla, 400 lb Canary

Advent: Puppet work day. Saturday November 4th, 10am — skeleton construction

Next meeting Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 6:30p

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