Sept Worship Team Mtg

Worship Minutes 9-14-2017
Present: Pastor Jack, Dan Mitchell, Katie Johnston, Kris Bartelt, Cathy Wolfe, Sara Kamphuis
Excused: Mike Frize, Linda Dorn

Prayer led by Chairperson Dan Mitchell

Session Report from Ruling Elder Cathy Wolfe: working on Mission and Vision and structuring of leadership. Nominating team will be looking for Elders, Endowment members, Deacons and Nominating as well as new Clerk of Session. October 16th we should have new Vision/Mission statement.

Creative Arts report: Team reviewed the Sacred Cow Series. People like being able to take on more difficult topics done with something that keeps it light. It deflects the deep personal feelings.
Now, most of their time is being spent working out the preliminary prep for the large Christmas puppets. Beth S. has contacted a friend who creates puppets for a living.

Pre-Summer 2018 Brainstorming:
Confirmation, Graduation services follow Easter so we have a short span of 2-3 weeks to fill before summer series. A time for Celebration with these events as well as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Focus on Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Being a Christian in times of stress and difficult times. How do we manage to be civil in uncivil times? Elements of Sabbath, balance and boundaries.

Summer 2018 Brainstorming: What do people need to process?
Mid-term elections
First Presbyterian building being 20 years old
The voice of God speaking to someone in a more recent scenario.

Sharing our commonality of humanness. Remembering how people came together after the disasters of Harvey (Texas) and Irma (Florida).
What everyone wants, is to sit under their own fig tree, drinking their own wine and watching their grandchildren. Ecclesiastes.
The story of the Good Samaritan.
Healing by putting your faith into action. Reframe ones thinking.
Accepting those around us of different race and culture. Creating intentional connections with United Migrants Opportunity Service (UMOS) coordinates work for Migrant workers, refugee families, re-settlement individuals, People recently released from prison, Program for assisting those who are coming out of maximum security prisons. Visiting the Stranger.
Members who are in nursing homes, retirement homes. Reaching out in love, compassion, acknowledging both past and present. Reunion of rescued children in WWII by Nicholas Winston.
Human trafficking. Agency out of Sheboygan who assist those caught in trafficking.
Topic of debt slavery being legal in other countries.
Contact known at ASTOP
Recommended Movie “Not Today”
The rest of the story…. KIVA following up with people we are helping.
We do acts of kindness because that is what we are called to do (we should) not because we it makes us feel good. Ergo making it about me (ego).

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 19th at 6:30pm
Usher Training between services on January 21, 2018

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