October 29, 2017 Called to live by love.

Sermon:          “Called to Live By Love”

Theme:            Christians show love by their actions which are without malice or deception so that they may demonstrate Christ’s presence to the world.

Purpose:           The people will seek to be faithful and honest in their communications with one another and the world.

Scriptures:        1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 We do not manipulate or seek approval but share the gospel from our hearts.

Matthew 22:34-36      The greatest commandment and submission to God.


If we are called to live by the one law of loving our neighbor as ourselves, then what is the source of all of the judgment and condemnation in the name of Christianity?  How can we be completely  honest and authentic in our witness of Christ’s love? In what ways are our own flaws, and weaknesses a part of the message of Christ’s love and acceptance? How do we learn to practice dependence on the love of Christ? What is different when our work and testimony is based solely on the love of Christ and trust in God?

2 thoughts on “October 29, 2017 Called to live by love.

  1. Oct. 3,2017
    Ann and I sure miss attending church services. Ann’s dementia, eyesight and hearing all seem to growing worse. Just a
    little at a time, but becoming more difficult to manage. We now are going to see a new Doctor because of Dr. Whitmore
    passing. We hope the new Dr. will give us some more information concerning the future. God has been and continues to
    be part of our lives and we seek his guidance. Arnold Leestma.

    • God bless you both. We think of you constantly and have been remembering you in prayer during the services. We look forward to you being able to find a better balance and that we can see more of you both.

      Pastor Jack

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