12/3/2017 1st Sunday of Advent Communion

Sermon:           “It’s Time for a Light”

Theme:            We are seeking light which creates vision, energy, and an announcement of God’s grace in a time of darkness and fear.

Purpose:          We will focus on recognizing and being aware of the darkness around us in order to be better prepared for sharing the light.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 64:1-9    Isaiah calls for God to send fire and justice so that God’s justice might come.

Mark 13:24-37 The darkness of the days to come, and the response of keeping watch.



What do we need to learn in order to be faithful through the dark times? What are the sources of hostility, bitterness, and malice in the world that are causing the light to be far away from people today?  What is our call as people of the light in the middle of darkness? In what ways are we called to be those who reflect the light? What are the signs today of new life and renewal that we may focus upon? How do we learn to be aware of the suffering, but people who focus on the light and keep watch for God’s movement?

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