October Creative Arts Minutes

Creative Arts October 12, 2017

Present: Pastor Jack, Deb C., Sara K., Jennifer Z., Deb H., Kris B.

Excused: Barb M., Joanne M., Kim B., Lynn M.

Mission statement: Christians serving learning and loving.
An image is needed for the mission statement. Google hands cross Cross-hands| @sticky Jesus with our own people — take the picture outside, different places.

November 12th and December 3rd Generosity will be doing a longer Because You Gave (12 minutes). Month of November will be focusing on the new mission statement.

Steve Wirtz has been contacted and we are waiting to hear a confirmation for November 4th to help us make the foundation of the heads and hands. After further discussion — Contact Steve to find out materials he likes to use? What supplies would we need to acquire? Chicken wire, other? Frame done before November 4th? Weight is a concern. Structure of shoulders to hold head and hands? PVC pipe?

Suggestions made by other contact to use foil broiler pans to form the head. Ears, nose and eyes from clay. Painting, fabric work, time to work with them after they are finished.

Time was taken to research supplies and ideas regarding what might be needed for puppets. Tool belts or something like it to carry the puppet. Concern regarding a strong people to handle the puppets due to the weight. Need 3 people to work each puppet. Puppets could remain in the aisles and around the church. Possibly 2 shepherds and 1 sheep. 3 Kings.

Theme for Advent Preparing for the Light — Images for light and darkness need to look for a single candle.

Next meeting November 2nd at 6:30pm.

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