October Worship Team Minutes

Worship Minutes 10-16-2017

Present: Pastor Jack, Kris B., Cathy W., Linda D.
Excused: Mike F., Dan M., Sara K., Katie J.

Cathy Wolfe (Session Liaison) led us in prayer.

Mission statement was shared. Christians serving, learning and loving.

We spent time looking at our assignment from Leadership Team Gathering.

Who – congregation, community, world
Why – build relationship
What – dealing with modern day life

We serve by discerning the spiritual life of the congregation and the needs of the world so we may craft worship experiences that share divine compassion, nurture understanding, foster confidence in God’s loving care and shape vision for each person’s personal life in Christ.

Learning from relevant models that teach the mutual exchange of loving respect to enhance healthy relationships which they enhance.

Serving: Congregation/community/world experiencing God’s presence (relevancy)
Building a foundation
1) Themes derived from: discerning needs of the congregation and community, personal, spiritual, relational, emotional, intellectual
–politics/social issues
–community at large
— experiencing God’s presence
— relevant to scripture passages/lessons
–dealing with modern day life
Uplifting, challenging
Generate: -intimacy
-being a good person (101) civility, respect, listening
-fruits of the Spirit

2) facilitates substance to experience of worship (life of church)
— ownership of personal faith journeys – sharing personal experiences
(invest selves – team members)
–invites questions

Ideas thoughts, direction

Grace – loved by God, held in Grace, surrounded by Grace
-sharing/return what’s shared-mutuality
definition of grace – to be willing to give your life for another person.


Everyone wants the personal relationship with Christ however, we also need a community that frames behavior, human 101, what is acceptable behavior, what is not.

As Presbyterians we care about Christ than self.

Society has many pseudo closeness relationships as opposed to true relationships.


Pictures to acquire for narrative budget
4 guys carrying the cow out for outdoor service
People AV in booth
Greeters and Ushers

Ask Deb Z. and Brian C. about pictures. From the point of view from the congregation:
Bibles to 3 & 4 year olds
Writing of the hymn, the cow


Assignment for next time:

5) What are some of the key moments or stories that reflect your team or committee fulfilling these areas of the mission of the church (Reaching out to the community, Supporting the people of the church, and supporting distinctive Presbyterian faith?)

What specific plans, goals, or do you have for 2018 that fulfill our aim or mission? Are there new opportunities or ideas to further these aims or goals?


Next meeting: Thursday, November 16, 2017


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