November Creative Arts Minutes

Creative Arts November 2, 2017
Present: Pastor Jack, Deb C., Sara K., Jennifer Z, Kris B, Deb H.
Excused: Barb M., Joanne M., Kim B., Lynn M., Beth S.


Pastor Jack opened the meeting with prayer.

Opening Slide for Advent /Christmas
Team review Christmas Images submitted by Deb C. – slide #10  (see below)

Puppet Worship
Discussion regarding upcoming puppet workshop. Supplies we have amongst us, what others might bring etc.

Block off back part of Fellowship Hall as a production area.

Distinct voices for the Kings, touch base with Noah B. regarding distortion of voices.

5pm Worship Service
Reading of Matthew passage. Dialogue among puppets, bow to creche and then leave.
Have the puppets come in down center aisle turn at the chancel and then come up the side aisle. Need to watch the chandelier in the narthex and projector in center aisle.

Storage of Puppets
Stands to put the puppets in for storage and plastic over them – Bill K.?
5 gallon pail of sand to secure base of puppet? Stored in the basement?

Use them next year in the Fond du Lac Christmas Parade (First week in December)

Lighting of the Advent Candles
Advent candles need to be up on the Chancel for Advent and Christmas to avoid puppets and candles in the same place.

Candelabra for 7pm – check with colleagues and rent a shop.


Next meeting December 14th at 6:30 pm.

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