November Worship Team Minutes

Worship Minutes 11-16-2017

Present: Pastor Jack, Kris B., Cathy W., Linda D., Katie J.
Excused: Mike F., Dan M., Sara K.

Cathy W. (Session Liaison) led us in prayer.

Mission statement was shared. Christians serving, learning and loving.

Looked at the suggested budget. Shared budget addendum for audio visual equipment.

Mission Purpose
We serve by prayerfully discerning the spiritual life of the congregation and the needs of the world,
so we may craft joyful worship experiences that share divine compassion, nurture understanding,
foster confidence in God’s loving care and shape vision for each person’s personal life in Christ.

Learning from relevant models that teach the mutual exchange of loving respect to enhance healthy relationships.

Usher Training January 21, 2018
how to add wicks in the candle lights
in emergency exit the building as rapidly as possible, reminder of doors behind front wall
volunteers to light the candles and Christ candle

Christmas Eve prep
Considering options for candelabra with artificial candle flames for the 7pm Christmas Eve Service.

Puppet making is coming along. Youth will be doing papier-mȃché on Friday evening as part of their lock-in.
A workshop is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday to consider costumes and mechanical functions
of the puppets.

Dave W. will make sure individual candles are ready to go as well as the large Advent candles for the
Advent Log.

Upcoming Themes
Advent Theme – Prepare for the Light
Epiphany Theme – Reform and Reforming
January 28th – Congregational Meeting
Lent Theme – Mourning and Loss, Learning to Let it Go
April 1st – Easter
April 29th — Confirmation
May, 6th thru May 27th  – Time of Thanksgiving
Summer Theme – What do People need to Process?
Building 20 years old

Supply Pastors – January 7th, Sam Hamilton-Poore
January 14th, Darren Beachy

Worship Playground presently on the back burner as education is focusing on integrating Youth Praise Band and Classrooms accommodating special needs.

Next meeting Thursday, January 4th, 2018

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