Alternative Gift Fair 2017

This year the Christian Education Team hosted the Alternative Gift Fair from November 26-December 24.  The Alternative Gift Fair is an easy and meaningful way to honor friends and relatives with donations while sharing the love of Christ.  This year the Alternative Gift Fair ministries were Loaves and Fishes, Heifer International, and Solutions Center. Giving alternative gifts simplifies Christmas with gifts that give hope in our community and throughout the world.


Loaves and Fishes  For the past two decades, the Loaves & Fishes program has been providing a warm, nutritional meal and genuine hospitality for the needy of Fond du Lac. Twice a week, a group of volunteers has gathered to serve from 200 to 350 meals. Hundreds of volunteers have taken turns pitching in to prepare these meals, serve the guests and clean up afterwards.  First Presbyterian Church provides meals 4 times a year.  Wednesday, February 21 is our next date to serve.  Donations of $1305 dollars were given to providing 482 meals.

Solutions Center The Mission of Solutions Center of Fond du Lac County is to provide loving support to those oppressed by poverty and violence. This is done through confidential support service, safe haven facilities, and guidance in moving from a  place of need to a place of independence.  Donations of $1070 were given to provide Counseling Sessions, meals & showers, intake and safety plans and shelter for families.

Heifer International  Heifer International’s solution to ending hunger and poverty is a hand up, not a hand out. The core principle of Heifer International is passing on the gift. For each animal given, families agree to pass on the offspring of that animal to another person in need. Donations of $1330 were given to purchase 2 flocks of chicks, 5 flocks of ducks/geese, a trio of rabbits, a pig, 2 goats and more.

Thank you for Serving Learning and Loving.

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