Creative Arts-February Mtg

Creative Arts February 8, 2018

Pastor Jack opened the meeting with prayer.

Ash Wednesday February 14th — connecting item: hearts –

Topic of reconciliation
God’s Progressive Covenants
1. God will practice self-restraint, sign rainbow (Noah)
Rainbows will arrive on February 14th
     February 18th connecting item: rainbow
What are you letting go of?
Name of the table–Place for change. Rainbow, laminate of heart image. Basket for the cards.
Plastic stand with instructions.

  1. God is asking for a willingness to take steps (Abram and Sarai)
    February 25th connecting item: cross
    3. Gift of a higher law 12 tribes that do not get along with each (Moses)
    March 4th connecting item: 3 x 5 cards rainbow 
    4. Gift of grace. (Jesus)
         March 11th connecting item: square head nails are here
    5. Law of God written on our hearts
         March 18th connecting item: a mustard seed, etched stones
    6. Palm Sunday – Christ offering peace in Jerusalem?
         March 25th connecting item: Palm branches

Brainstorming for Summer:
Anxiety: Being isolated, disconnected, situations in China/Korea, health care
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – bridge over denial?
Giant Jack -in- the – Box – What anxiety will pop up this week?
Seems like more people are looking out for number 1 and a level of compassion is lost.

Assignment: visual focal point for anxiousness?

Next meeting March 22, 2018

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