Growing Connections–Adult Education Offerings

Sundays 9:15am in the Parlor 

What’s a body without wisdom and intelligence? Growing Connections is our ministry of learning   opportunities for adults.  We seek to grow in relationship, wisdom, and understanding – all of the connections that enable us to know Christ more fully and discover our mission in the world.  Growing Connections opportunities will focus upon learning about our relationships and how we grow in faith as well as mission opportunities.

We are “Christians, Serving, Learning and Loving.”  This is an opportunity to grow humbly in faith as we learn more about ourselves, how Christ is reaching out to the world, and how we may use our gifts as the Body of Christ.


9 Congregational Meeting The Session is inviting the congregation to gather together so that they may share plans for restructuring our leadership of the church around our mission statement: “Christians: serving, learning and loving.”

16 TBA

23 TBA

30 Member Class For those interested in learning more about being a member of First Presbyterian. The focus of the class is on our mission and ministry as a church.  When people express an interest in making a commitment to being part of the First Presbyterian community, we encourage time for prayer to consider if this is the church where they wish to use their gifts. We aren’t recruiting people to serve, we are focusing on helping people to grow through Serving, Learning, and Loving. This requires that each person follow their personal path of putting faith into action.

Talkback  Sunday Mornings at 9:15am  (in the Resource Room)

Talkback is a discussion of the scripture passages and themes for that particular Sunday’s worship.  Discussion facilitators help to create an atmosphere where participants can explore their thoughts and   feelings about the issues and topics presented by the scriptures of the day.  The class is open to anyone who wants to enjoy an open and caring environment for exploring their faith.


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