5/26/2019 First Sunday of One Service 9:00 AM.

Sermon:           “Those Who Keep Christ’s Word”       Memorial Day Weekend.

Theme:            We are called to keep a vision of Christ’s healing love that will bring an end to conflict and renew every relationship.      

Purpose:          The Congregation will focus on practices of love and forgiveness.  

Scriptures:       Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5       The plan for eternity is that God will be our source of healing and wholeness.

                        John 14:23-29 Jesus promises the Advocate and the peace that will keep our hearts from being troubled.


What does it mean to us that Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to be our “advocate” or our “counselor?” How do we receive the Holy Spirit as a gift of relationship with Christ? What difference does it mean to dwell with God (make our home) through love? Is the love that we share with God an emotional attachment, a theological concept, or something else? How do we live in that love and share it with others? What does it mean for our relationship with God to be our “temple?” 

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