August 2 Virtual Worship with Communion

Sermon:           “Wisdom”       

Theme:            The Holy Spirit nurtures wisdom in those who will open themselves to the natural growth that comes as we work through our experiences with openness to what Christ will teach us.

Purpose:          We will seek to build practices that nurture the growth of wisdom through study, devotions, and reflecting on God’s Voice.

Scriptures:       Romans 9:1-5  The Apostle Paul’s sorrow at the lack of acceptance by his kindred.

                        Matthew 14:13-21      Jesus tells his disciples to feed the crowds with five loaves and two fish.


What does it mean to grow in wisdom? What is the difference between growing older and growing wiser? Why do some people bear fruit of wisdom in their lives and others repeat the same issues and problems? How does our need to be part of feeding the hungry impact our own growth in knowledge and wisdom? What do we need to learn and practice in order to be healthy and strong in our relationship with God?

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