July 19 Virtual Worship

Sermon:           “The Wheat and the Tares”   

Theme:            Community means that we are among people who do not necessarily share our maturity, faith, or perspective, but it is up to God to accomplish justice.

Purpose:          We will learn to be less anxious about experiencing people who are different from ourselves and challenges to our perspectives and beliefs.

Scriptures:       Romans 8:12-25  We have a spirit of adoption so that we may cry, “Abba, Father!” We do not consider the present sufferings as something that will overwhelm.

                        Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43  Parable of the wheat and the tares.


How should we respond to people who we experience as being toxic or destructive? How should we behave towards people whose faith is in opposition to our own? What is our responsibility in the way we treat people who do not like to be around? What does it mean that God has caused “good” and “evil” to coexist? What does it mean to have a relationship of closeness with God that frees us from fear? How does a strong, mature, and confident relationship with God change the way we relate to people who we dislike?

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