July 8 Midweek Worship

Sermon:           The Lamp of God’s Word       

Theme:            The Word of God speaks out of love and compassion for us.

Purpose:          We will choose to focus on the voice of God rather than our fear or anxiousness.

Scriptures:       Psalm 119:105-112     Your word is a lamp to my feet.

                        Exodus 3:1-6   Moses and the burning bush.


Where do we experience holiness or sacred space? How do we identify God’s Word for our lives as opposed to other good philosophies or good ideas? How does God’s Word have authority or special meaning in our lives over other instruction? What is the difference between receiving God’s Word as having meaning and power for us and those who want to argue that God’s Word is inerrant? How do we interpret God’s Word for us without reducing it’s meaning and purpose in our lives?

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