August 19 Midweek Worship Podcast

Sermon:  “The Power to Transform our Minds”           

Theme:  The authority that Jesus has is to change our minds and our ways of perceiving all things, if we will ask him to do so.

Purpose:  We will seek healing for anxiety and depression.

Scriptures:  Psalm 130 My soul waits on the Lord and in his word I hope – more than those who watch for the morning.

                        Matthew 8:1-13          Jesus cleanses a leper and heals the Centurion’s servant.

Questions: What is the relationship between anxiety, fear, guilt, and depression? What causes us to be unable to let go of issues and fears? How does the authority of Jesus affect our lives? How do we come to be in submission to that authority? What ways do we block ourselves from experiencing Jesus’ love and release from our struggles? What are practices that enable us to find release from fear, anxiousness, and depression?

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