August 26 Midweek Worship Podcast

Sermon:   “What Shall We Call True?” 

Theme:  Our security and strength are not in things which can be purchased or imitated, but is in authentic knowledge of Christ and God’s Word.

Purpose:  We will separate our perspective from lies and mistruths and focus on knowing God.

Scriptures: Isaiah 28:14-22  The people in authority have made a covenant of lies with death and Sheol which will result in their greater punishment.

                      Matthew 26:6-13 Jesus is anointed at Bethany with the alabaster jar of costly ointment.

Questions: What does Isaiah mean by “Scoffers” and how is it that their arrogance and false nature cause them be destructive of community? What is it that causes people to practice self-deceit and to indulge in combative behavior? How is it that people become disrespectful and full of animosity? How do we know what is truly valuable and what is a false attachment on our part? What do we need to learn so that we may draw strength from Christ rather than caught up in our own destructive mentality?

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