October 4 Virtual Worship World Communion Sunday

Sermon:           “By Grace Alone”       

Theme:            Salvation means that we are not able to have the fullness of life we desire except through the grace of God and trusting him.          

Purpose:          We will experience the humility that is central to God’s grace.       

Scriptures:       Philippians 3:4b-14     The Apostle Paul recounts that his successes count for nothing in comparison to the grace of God.

                        Matthew 21:33-46      The parable of the landowner and the rebellious tenets that kill the landowner’s son.


What defines a person as a mature and healthy Christian? In what ways do our ways of service, our roles in the life of the church, and our accomplishments show that we are mature Christians? In what ways does our years of service mean very little in terms of defining our relationship with Jesus? Why should we work for what is beneficial among Christians? In what ways does the relationship with Christ always depend upon unmerited grace?

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