October 7 Midweek Worship Podcast

Sermon:           Living in the Midst of Disobedience  

Theme:            We are called to be faithful to God in the midst of those who act out of their egos, their fears, and their bitterness.  

Purpose:          We will explore what it means to be faithful when people around us are not following God’s instruction.     

Scriptures:       Psalm 119:49-56  Our strength flows from knowledge of God’s word. We become angry at the disobedience in the world.

                        John 11:45-57 Chief priests and council plot to kill Jesus for fear of his power and the power of the nation.


How do we maintain our faithfulness when the people around us are living out of fear, hostility, or unforgiveness? In what ways do we remain connected to the people who are speaking and acting out of their unforgiveness and bitterness? In what ways do we separate ourselves from that type of behavior? What capabilities and traits do we need to learn in order to be healthy Christians? What can we do to assist others to also practice self-differentiation in the midst of unhealthy relationships?

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