September 27 Virtual Worship Service

Sermon:           “The Strength of Humility”    

Theme:            We practice humility in order to experience the confidence and strength that comes with knowing Christ’s love.

Purpose:          We will examine false pride and it’s destructive force.        

Scriptures:       Philippians 2:1-13       Have the same mind that was in Christ Jesus that enabled him to humble himself.

                        Matthew 21:23-32      The parable of two sons, one faithful and one unfaithful.


What does it mean to have the “same mind as was in Christ Jesus that he did not count equality with God something to be exploited?” How is submission to God necessary in order that we may understand Jesus’ teachings? What happens to those who are unwilling or unable to see the meaning of a relationship with God? Are they punished by the consequences of their own choices? How do we learn and practice humility so that it becomes a healing and joyful relationship with God and with the people around us? What is the difference between confident, loving, humility and religiosity?

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