November 4 Midweek Worship

Sermon: “Religious or Spiritual?”         

Theme:  We practice our relationship with God in order to be strengthened and guided in ways of wholeness, love, and justice. 

Purpose:  We will examine our ways of living our relationship with Christ.     

Scriptures:  Psalm 128  Practicing the “fear of the Lord” is the source of confidence and joy for our lives.

                      Matthew 15:1-9  Pharisees and scribes come to criticize the practices of Jesus and the disciples. Jesus points out their hypocrisy.


What does it mean to us in a spiritual sense to “fear the Lord?” How do we develop an attitude that is healthy and wise towards our spiritual life? What is essential in building a healthy relationship with God? What are the things that we fail to recognize in our relationship with God? What is the purpose of religion in our lives? How do we create a meaningful religious life?

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