October 28 Midweek Worship

Sermon:   “What is Really Valuable”      

Theme:  Greed distracts us from finding what truly satisfies our hearts and gives us hope. 

Purpose:  We will seek to find practices that clarify our values of what is meaningful.           

Scriptures:  Psalm 119:41-48  I trust in God’s Word. Because I keep the law, I shall walk at liberty, and find delight in the statutes and commandments of God.

                      Matthew 19:16-22  The story of the rich young man.


What are the things that truly give our life joy and meaning? What are the things that enable us to enjoy our relationships and feel truly blessed? In what ways does clutter, and clinging to things that do not matter separate us from God and from others? What leads us to be anxious about letting go of things that do not matter? How can we build a better perception of what is worth keeping? What are some practices that enable us to be happier with our property and the things that surround us?

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