December 20 Virtual Worship Service

Sermon: A Message of Hope and Wisdom

Theme: Though we are powerless and think we are not able to do great things, God uses our willingness to bring about renewal and transformation.

Purpose: We will allow our understanding of how God works through us to be transformed by God’s compassion and power.

Scriptures: Romans 16:25-27 Glory to the God who has strengthened you through the revelation of the gospel.
Luke 1:26-38 The Angel Gabriel appears to Mary and proclaims the birth of Jesus.

How does the person of Mary shape for us a new understanding of how God transforms the world? What does it mean to us that Mary was of such low position or status in the world when the angel of the Lord came to her? What is the inspiration in Mary’s willingness to risk shame and banishment from her community? What is our dream for justice for people whose
circumstances are similar to Mary’s in the world today? What does this mean to us as we look at power and influence in the world today?

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