December 6 Zoom/Virtual Communion Service

Sermon: Our Confidence is the Word of the Lord.

Theme: The practice of hearing the good news proclaimed gives us the confidence to dream of redemption and justice.

Purpose: We will commit to listening to the gospel proclaimed during this Christmas Season.

Scriptures: Isaiah 40:1-11 The word of the Lord endures forever. Proclaim the good tidings of the coming of the Lord.
Mark 1:1-8 The coming of John the Baptism.

What does it mean to us that the voice of God was calling in the wilderness? What is our wilderness? How do we come to hear God in the places where we are afraid? How do we move from nightmares of destruction to dreams of healing and redemption? What do we need to give up in order to welcome the message of transformation and change? How do we let go of
our expectations and our grief over disappointments to dream of the good things God is doing in our midst?

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