February 21 Virtual Worship Service 1st Sunday of Lent

Sermon:  “A Promise of Steadfast Love”           

Theme:  God’s promise is that love will be the way in which the struggles and issues of humanity will be resolved.   

Purpose:  We will understand God’s promise of unconditional love.   

Scriptures:  Genesis 9:8-17 The covenant of the rainbow.

                      Mark 1:9-15  Jesus is baptized, the voice of God affirms him.

Questions: What is God’s promise to us? Does God promise that if we do the right things our lives will be easy and without troubles? What is the covenant of love that is reflected in baptism? How do we see the gift of God’s promise that troubles will not destroy us? What does it mean to us to share the promise of God’s steadfast love with a culture that is intent on judging, dominating, and controlling? How do we discover peace in the love of God without worrying about what we cannot control?

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