February 3 Midweek Worship Service

Sermon:   Letting go of the Darkness     

Theme:   We choose to submit our egos to the gift of transformation rather than holding onto the bitterness and resentment that keeps us from knowing wholeness and peace.     

Purpose:   We will be conscious of the ways that our egos trap us in cycles of resentment, guilt, and blame.

Scriptures:   Romans 13:11-14   Time to awake from sleep. Lay aside the works of darkness.

                        John 3:16-21   Light has come into the world. And all who do evil hate the light.

Questions: What keeps us from being open to the light of Christ from healing our wounds and setting us free from our self-destructive ways? What causes us to be trapped in the darkness of guilt, resentment, self-centeredness, and blame? How do we learn to begin releasing our attachment to the destructive attitudes and patterns that keep hurting us? What is Christ’s gift that can set us free?

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