February 7 Virtual Worship Service with Communion

Sermon:  The Light that Moves us         

Theme:  Strength comes with purpose, as we align our hearts with a call to serve and use our gifts our energy and capability comes from the Holy Spirit.   

Purpose: We will understand the need for call and purpose in our lives.       

Scriptures:  Isaiah 40:21-31  He gives strength to the powerless, they shall run and not be weary, they shall mount up as eagles.

                      Mark 1:29-39  Jesus heals Peter’s mother in law and she responds by getting up and serving. Jesus leaves the crowds of Capernaum to proclaim the message in other towns.

Questions: What difference does it make in our lives to have a meaning or purpose that gives us a focus for our lives? How does living for God enable us to live better for ourselves? What is the cost of self-centeredness and living a shallow life? How do we discover our purpose? What practices do we need to develop in order to experience the fullness of God’s presence so that we may know our gifts and desires? How do we work together as a church to encourage each other in discovering their mission and purpose?

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