January 20 Midweek Worship Service

Sermon:           The Light Shines Brighter      

Theme:   Through our commitment to place our relationship with Christ above our resistance and petty self-importance, adversity and trials just make the light shine more clearly.          

Purpose: We will realize the way in which overcoming hardships affects our living in Christ’s love and peace.

Scriptures: Genesis 1:14-19 God created the lights and gave them roles to create day and night and seasons.

                       John 1:1-9 Jesus was the Word, and the Word became the light which enlightens everyone.

Questions: What causes us to shine most clearly with the light of Christ’s love? How do we reflect a true light rather than a forced Christian image out of obligation and guilt? How do we truly experience the light coming into the world? What is the sign that the light is shining in our life? How do we tell the difference between light that truly brings meaning to the world and light that is our own good thoughts? What do we need to do in order to be people who receive Christ as the Word become flesh?

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