January 27 Midweek Worship Service

Sermon: Being the Light of the World 

Theme: As God’s beloved children it is our nature to be light for the world.

Purpose:   We will discover the light within ourselves that is there to be shared.        

Scriptures:   Romans 13:8-14  Owe no one anything except to love one another. Love does no wrong.

            Matthew 5:14-16  You are the light of the World.

Questions: Are we aware of the light that is within us? How do we learn to naturally be God’s light and beacon of grace to the world? What is it that we do that keeps the light of the world from being seen within us? In what ways does our serving out of obligation or guilt cause the light be lost? What leads to the “drunkenness and debauchery” that clouds the light from shining? How do jealousy and quarreling lead to losing sight of the light?

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