January 31 Virtual Worship Service

Sermon:   “Living a New Life in the Light”          

Theme:   The gift of Christ’s light and grace gives us the power to live a new life, no longer bound by habits or patterns from our past.      

Purpose: We will open our hearts to seeing the possibility of renewal and start on a path of transformation.          

Scriptures:   1 Corinthians 8:1-13   Anyone who loves God is known by him. Knowledge is to wisdom.

                        Mark 1:21-28  Jesus teaches with authority that confronts the demons and heals on the sabbath.

Questions: In what ways would we like to break patterns from our past that are destructive of our fullness of life and joy? How do we begin to see possibilities for healing and transformation that we haven’t seen before? What gifts are being brought to us by Jesus that may cause us to be changed and released from the past? How do we begin a process of renewal that will result in new joy and healthy relationships? What is the way in which we receive the light of Christ so that it becomes for us a guide to new life?

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