March 14 Virtual Worship Service 4th Sunday of Lent

Sermon:  A Promise of Grace    

Theme:  God offers us unconditional love that frees us from our prison of sin and bondage to our past.           

Purpose:  We will learn to receive grace and practice living by that same grace.        

Scriptures:  Ephesians 2:1-10  By grace we have been saved, not the results of our works, but out of kindness in Jesus Christ.

                      John 3:14-21  The son of Man must be lifted up as the bronze serpent was lifted in the wilderness. God sent the son out of love, for salvation.

Questions: How do we learn to truly practice grace and forgiveness for ourselves, others, and for the world? What does it take to develop ability to not hold onto offenses and accounts of the wrongs that are committed against us? What is the process by which we reorient our minds and our hearts towards letting go of past offenses? What do we need to do to move from being dominated by past memories and resentments to embracing present opportunities for love? What is a true lifestyle of grace?

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