March 17 Midweek Worship Service

Message:  God has given you all you need.

Theme: God has already provided us what we need to be joyful and fulfilled as we learn to rejoice and give thanks for the gifts that we have already received.

Purpose:  We will shift our focus from envy and jealousy to gratitude.

Practice:  Gratitude instead of grievance.

Scripture:  1 Corinthians 10:6-13 We must not put Christ to the test but hold onto the faithfulness of God.

                     John 8:12-20   Jesus was teaching that he is the light of the world, whoever walks with him is never in darkness.

Questions: How does envy and jealousy cause us to think that what we lack is outside of ourselves? In what ways do we convince ourselves to stay in a rut because of things that are outside of our control? How does our perception of lack and our sense of suffering disadvantage cause us to be unable to embrace opportunities to experience love and peace? How is it that our fear comes to dominate our spiritual life? What do we need to do to see ourselves as blessed with possibilities for joy and wholeness?

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