March 21 Virtual Worship Service 5th Sunday of Lent

Sermon: God Promises that We Shall Bear Fruit         

Theme:  The process of death and resurrection is our path to transformation and renewal which will bear the fruit of the law of God written upon our hearts.    

Purpose:  We will grow in affirming God’s way of death and resurrection.     

Scriptures:  Jeremiah 31:31-34  God will write the law within them on their hearts, and all will know the Lord.

                      John 12:20-33 Jesus explains that he will be glorified in the same way that a grain of wheat had to die in order that it can bear much fruit – which is also a call to all who will follow him.

Questions: What does it mean for us to “lose our life?” What are we needing to lose in order to experience freedom and release? Why do we attempt to hold onto the faults and mistakes of others? How does our focus on the past and remembering of grievances harm our ability to enjoy the joy and peace of today? How do we let go of our fears and suspicions of what we cannot control? How do we embrace the knowledge of God rather than fill our minds with awareness of hurts and wrongs?

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