March 28 Virtual Worship Service Palm Sunday

Sermon:  The Promise of Humility        

Theme:  The power of humility is to center us in power as we are able to bear witness to God’s work of transformation and healing in the world.     

Purpose:  We will hear a call to know and live Christ’s humility.          

Scriptures:  Isaiah 50:4-9  The Lord has given me the tongue of a teacher, to sustain the weary with a word. A humble and gentle spirit.

                      Mark 11:1-11  Jesus enters Jerusalem in humility riding on a donkey.

Questions: What is a true life of humility? Is humility truly a sign of weakness? How do we live in the fullness of healthy relationships and freedom? How is being comfortable with ourselves and happy to be in our relationships related to humility? What was Jesus offering the people by riding into Jerusalem on a donkey? What do we seek to offer to the world through our own compassion and humility? How do we live with joy even when our humility is rejected?

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