March 3 Midweek Worship Service

Message: We Live the Life We Have Chosen

Theme:  We acknowledge that we live the life we ourselves have shaped and recognize our need to be willing to choose differently.

Purpose:  We will cease to blame others for our outcomes.

Practice:  Prayerfully acknowledge “I have chosen this, I can choose differently.”

Scriptures:  Jeremiah 30:12-22  You cry out because of your wounds, but do not open your hearts to the grace of God.

                      John 12:36-43 The unbelief of the people and blindness.

Questions: How does blame, criticism, and complaining undermine our ability to have peace or joy? What causes us to trapped in patterns of believing ourselves to be victims of our situations? How do we go about moving out of the prison of hostility and blame? How do we embrace our choices to grow in our faith and take responsibility for our lives? In what ways do we move from negativity and hostility to see our lives as a gift from God? How does our spiritual hardness of heart make us blind?

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