April 18 3rd Sunday of Easter Worship

Sermon:           Releasing our Fear     

Theme:            We are invited to be purified of our fear and cleansed of all that causes us guilt and separation from God. 

Purpose:          To change our attitude and seek release from fear. 

Scriptures:       1 John 3:1-7    We are called “Children of God” and purified from our sins.

                        Luke 24:36b-48   Jesus appears to the disciples and eats with them to calm their fears.

Questions: What does Jesus mean that all of the law and the prophets “must be” fulfilled? What difference does it mean that Jesus is not speaking in the past tense? In what ways are we still fulfilling all of the law and the prophets? How do the reactions of the disciples with fear, disbelief, and joy expand our understanding of the resurrection and God’s work of reconciliation? What role does love play in our understanding God’s law and our sin? What is the relationship between love and righteousness?

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