May 2 Worship Confirmation Sunday

Sermon:           Those who Love Know God   

Theme:            The clear sign of maturity and wisdom in Christ is the capacity to practice the love of Christ.           

Purpose:          We will affirm the foundation of love in our relationship with Christ.         

Scriptures:       1 John 4:7-21  Those who know God love others for God is love.

                        John 15:1-8     Jesus said: “I am the true vine.” As we abide in him we bear fruit.

Questions: What is the nature of the love which is essential to being able to know God? How do we learn and practice that love in our relationships? What is our message for those who have come to put obligation and guilt above their commitment to love? How do we learn to make love central to all our relationships? What is the process by which we develop a covenant of love? What is the difference between the practices of Christian love and emotional affection or attachment?

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