June 7, 2020 Virtual Communion Sunday

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Sermon:           “Called to Be Somebody”       

Theme:            God’s call enables us to have a role which gives our lives meaning and shapes us as whole and joyful people.

Purpose:          To learn and embrace that our identity comes from submission to God and service to others.

Scriptures:       Genesis 1:1-5, 26-2:3  God created the heavens and earth, and created humanity in God’s image. And then rest was given.

                        Matthew 28:16-20      Jesus commissioned the disciples to make disciples of all nations.


What does it mean to us to be created in the image of God? How does our origin shape us and determine what is really fulfilling in life? What happens when we ignore our original mission in life? How do we learn to be the people who we need to be in order that we may have fulfillment? How do we relate to God as our Creator and Source of our lives? What difference does serving make in our relationship with God and our identity?

Description for Sunday June 7, 2020

Scripture is read from NRSV Bible (New Revised Standard Version)

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Glory to God Hymnal #761  “Called as Partners in Christ’s Service”

TEXT: Jane Parker Huber, 1981; © 1981 Jane Parker Huber (admin. Westminster John Knox Press)

MUSIC (BEECHER John Zundel, 1870

The Presbyterian Hymnal #579 “Gloria Patri”  

Public Domain 
Glory Be to the Father 
TEXT: Trad. liturgical text. Composer: Henry W. Greatorex (1851) 

Glory to God Hymnal #203 “Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love”
TEXT: Tom Colvin, 1969; rev. 1997, alt.; © 1969 Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, IL 60188. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

MUSIC (CHEREPONI 7.7.9 with refrain): Ghanaian folk melody; adapt. Tom Colvin, 1963; arr. Jane Marshall, 1982; © 1969 Hope Publishing Company; arr. © 1982 Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, IL 60188.

All rights reserved. Used by permission. First Presbyterian Church, FDL CCLI License #1644445

Liturgist: Carol Wetzel

June 10, 2020 Midweek Worship

Sermon:           The Voice of God        

Theme:            Our strength and confidence come from our ability to hear the voice of God over the voices of our own fear, bitterness, and insecurity.

Purpose:          We will focus on our need to develop our ability to hear God’s voice in our lives.

Scriptures:       Psalm 29:1-11 The majesty and power of the voice of God, who is enthroned over all things.

                        John 14:25-26 Jesus promises the Advocate, who will teach us everything.


What do we mean by the “Voice of God?” How does God speak to us? What is our relationship to God’s voice? How do we go about listening for God’s voice? How does our own inner monologue or emotional enmeshment cause us to be unresponsive to the voice of God? How do we go about becoming better listeners to God’s voice? What does it mean that the Advocate will teach us everything? What is it we need to learn from the Advocate? How do we go about being empowered by God’s Holy Spirit?

June 14, 2020 Virtual Worship

Sermon:           “Called by God to Be a People”         

Theme:            We are called to be in community by God’s voice which commands us to live by a covenant of love and compassion.

Purpose:          We will reaffirm that our community and actions must be based on God’s commandment to love and serve.

Scriptures:       Exodus 19:2-8 Obey God’s voice and keep God’s covenant, you are a priestly kingdom and a holy nation.

                        Matthew 9:35-10:8     Jesus sends the disciples among the people to proclaim the gospel – healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, and casting out evil.


What is the significance of the way in which the disciples were sent out to do ministry? How do we understand the commissioning of the disciples to be to “Proclaim Good News” with healing, ministry, and living with the people? How is the understanding of dwelling with the people an important part of the way in which the gospel is to be shared? How does this act of proclaiming God’s love and healing relate to our covenant with God? Is it possible to know God without getting involved in God’s mission? What is our way of discovering our own role in proclaiming the love and grace of God to others?

June 17, 2020 Midweek Worship

Sermon:           “Rivers of Living Water”         

Theme:            Those who draw their wisdom and strength from the knowledge of God serve through the Holy Spirit to work together for God’s grace.

Purpose:          We will be unified by our relationship with God through the Holy Spirit rather than our need for control.

Scriptures:       Numbers 11:24-30      Two men remain as prophets in the camp – pleasing Moses that some are able to serve God’s Spirit.

                        John 7:37-39   All who are thirsty draw of the living water.


What does it mean for living water to “flow from the believer’s heart?” How do we experience that presence of living water? What is the difference between having that living water and being hostile, arrogant, or afraid? What does it mean to be people who are able to speak and act as prophets today? How is our own relationship with God and spiritual sustenance related to being prophetic in our words? How do we remain healthy as people who are sharing God’s message in a world that can be hostile or disrespectful toward God’s word?

June 21, 2020 Virtual Worship Father’s Day

Sermon:           “United with Christ”   

Theme:            Our bond to one another is in our faithfulness to Jesus which calls us to perseverance through conflict without attack or destruction.

Purpose:          We will recognize that our conflict and stress is a part of being faithful to God and to one another.

Scriptures:       Romans 6:1-11            If we have died with Christ we will also live with Christ, and sin will be put to death within us.

                        Matthew 10:24-39      Jesus’ teaching is a source of division and causes some to reject those who have embraced the savior’s teaching


What is the conflict that comes into relationships when growing in Christ brings maturity? How do healthy and wise Christians handle that type of conflict? What is our call in-terms of keeping the peace versus being true to our calling in Christ Jesus? How do we know the difference between being stubborn and selfish versus being true to our calling? How is conflict frequently a part of growth or change? What role do stress, conflict, and trials play on our ability as individuals and as a community to change and to grow?

June 24, 2020 Midweek Worship

Sermon:           “Be Wise and Innocent”         

Theme:            God commissions us to serve in the midst of crisis and challenges, because that is the place where the love of Christ and God’s healing power are most needed.

Purpose:          We will adjust our attitude towards troubles and conflicts so that we may effectively serve Christ in the midst of crisis.

Scriptures:       Psalm 86:11-17           A prayer for God’s protection and support in the midst of attack.

                        Matthew 10:5-23        Jesus commissions and instructs the disciples to share the gospel in the regions around Capernaum.


What did Jesus mean when he sent the disciples as “Sheep among wolves?” How do we go about learning to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves? Which part do we tend to have the hardest time keeping – the wisdom or the innocence? How are we challenged by the world and the people around us? What role does that challenge play in our learning and growing in Christ? What do we need to do in order to develop the strength and confidence to serve Christ without becoming reactive or hostile?

June 28, 2020 Virtual Worship

Sermon:           “Being Christ’s People”          

Theme:            We are called to walk as Jesus’ presence in places where “sin” dominates so that we can be a source of hope and healing reaching out as Jesus’ call to wholeness.

Purpose:          We will build on our identity of being living sings of Jesus’ healing love.

Scriptures:       Romans 6:12-23          Slaves to sin or instruments of righteousness depending on who we allow control.

                        Matthew 10:40-42      God’s reward is to those who will receive the message and practice kindness.


What do we mean when we are talking about “sin?” What is a healthy way in which we can perceive our failings and weaknesses? What does it mean that we are under grace? How does being under grace free us from focusing on our faults and failures? Does it mean we do not have responsibility for the harm we cause? What does it mean for us to give “a cup of water” in Jesus’ name? What difference does it make that we have kindness and compassion for others? How is our relationship with God and our trait of kindness related?

July 1, 2020 Midweek Worship

Sermon:           “Remember the Rock from which You Were Hewn” 

Theme:            Our source of strength and our mission flows out of our knowledge of Jesus as our Lord and Savior, which gives us the ability to show God’s love and power.

Purpose:          Our clarity of message will flow out of our continued connection to Jesus which will come from our practices that root us in faith.

Scriptures:       Isaiah 51:1-13  Look at the rock from which you were cut, God will restore you to your former strength

                        Matthew 11:20-24  Judgment upon those who reject the message of God’s salvation.


What does it mean for us to “Pursue righteousness?” How do go about living in ways that are true to God’s grace? How do we live in such ways that it demonstrates to the world what is wrong and what needs to be changed without being judgmental? How do we live as testimony to God’s law without being conceited or hypocritical? What role does judgment play in the world? What would happen if there was nothing to point out the sin and injustice of the world today? How do we live in ways that will support growth in wisdom and righteousness?

July 5, 2020 Virtual Communion

Sermon:           Faithfulness and Intelligence 

Theme:            Our relationship with God and strength for serving does not lie in what others think of us, but in our knowledge of Jesus.

Purpose:          We will learn to better draw our identity and strength from knowing Christ through healthy spiritual practices.

Scriptures:       Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30   Salvation is through believing in Christ, and through the gift of salvation through grace.

                        Romans 7:15-25   I do not do what I want, a struggle between will and the spirit of God.


What causes us to see ourselves as Christ sees us rather than being focused on the opinions of others? What is the outcome of living our lives worried about what other people “like” about us? How do we maintain healthy balance between caring for the people around us and not being enmeshed in their feelings? What is the difference between sympathy and empathy, and does it really help to have our feelings determined by what other people feel?