August 5 Midweek Worship Podcast

Sermon: “Why Are We Afraid?”           

Theme:  In faith we examine our fears and our anxieties as a part of our practices of gratitude and giving thanks so that we can grow in our confidence and joy.

Purpose: We will work on our practices of putting fears into perspective with God’s love and care.

Scriptures:  Isaiah 43:1-7  Do not be afraid, you are precious in God’s sight, and God is with you.

                      Matthew 15:32-39   The feeding of the four thousand.


What causes us to live in fear and anxiousness? How do we learn peace and confidence in the midst of changing situations and uncertainty? Why do we more impressed and aware of the threats around us than of the blessings and care that God provides us? How is our fear a sing of our need for the practice of gratitude and giving thanks? What can we do in order to put our worries and fears into a healthier perspective?

August 9 Virtual Worship

Sermon:           “Growing Through the Storms”         

Theme:            Through our steadfast affirmation of Christ and commitment to discipleship, trials and crisis becomes the place where faith grows wiser.

Purpose:          We will change our perception of storms and recognize how to address our fears.

Scriptures:       Romans 10:5-15          Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

                        Matthew 14:22-33      Jesus comes to the disciples walking on the water.


What is it about crisis that causes many to fall into despair? How do we develop the ability to be faithful and confident even when we are afraid? In what ways do we set ourselves up for greater anxiousness and fear? How should we practice “calling on the name of the Lord?” What does it mean for us to live by our belief rather than by our own control? How does being in Christ enable us to be secure regardless of what we face?

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