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Welcome to our Worship for April 5th 2020 (Palm Sunday).

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April 1, 2020 Lenten Service Podcast

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03/08/2020 Second Sunday of Lent

Sermon:                       God’s Call to a New Place

Theme:            We are called to a new, better life of wholeness, healthy relationships, love, and peace.

Purpose:          We will commit to changes that will open us to new possibilities of relationship with God and others.

Scriptures:       Genesis 12:1-4 God calls Abram to leave behind his family and home to a new land that God will show him.

                        John 3:1-17     Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus the Pharisee at night.


What do we need to be willing to leave behind in order to move to a healthier place in our faith and relationship with God? What does it mean for us to be “Born from above” and how do we participate with God in our rebirth? In what ways is Nicodemus’ question “how can a person be reborn when they have grown old” describe our own sense of being unable to change? How do we open ourselves to the “water” and the “Spirit” to act in our lives in a new way? What is the difference between being faithful and being transformed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit?

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