Warming Shelter January 24

January 24 –

Warming Shelter

At our June congregational meeting, we held two break-out sessions on how to spend outreach funds. Homelessness turned out to be a main concern. Because of that input,  the Team has been offering financial support to a number of community organizations. In addition, the Team has been trying to offer opportunities for members of the Church to learn more about the issue.

For a number of years, a few dedicated members of our congregation have spent an evening at the Fond du Lac warming shelter and provided a meal for those staying overnight.

On Friday, January 24, a number of members will again be spending an evening at the Salvation Army (the current location of the warming shelter).

There are a few possibilities that I would like you to consider, regarding the warming shelter:

  1. join the group at the Salvation Army facility on January 24. Those who have attended in the past say that the evenings have been both very educational and very rewarding.
  2. provide food that could be served that evening: a casserole that could be reheated, a dessert, cookies, would all be welcome. If cooking is not your thing, fresh fruit would be most welcome. It is not something that they can ordinarily can afford.
  3. a small cash donation, even a dollar or two, could help defer

the cost of providing the food that will be served that evening.

There is a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center. If you are providing food, it should be brought to the Church the church by the afternoon of January 24. Those attending the warming shelter will pick up the items and bring them to the Salvation Army.

Here are a few facts  about homelessness in Fond du Lac county:

  1. There are approximately 400 homeless people There is not an exact.
  2. Some find refuge sleeping on the couches of friends or acquaintances, others have been using the very limited facilities provided by the Solution Center, some have been living in one of a number of tent cities hidden from view in the city.
  3. Currently, about 35 to 40 people per night having been using the warming shelter at the Salvation Army. This is about twice what they have experienced prior years.

Thank you for your attention. I realize that this is not the most joyful topic, but I am thankful that there are people who are willing to help out.

Roger Rigterink

Chairman, Serving Team


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