Sermon:           Christians Live Resurrection Hope

Theme:            Christians anticipate that their faith will face difficult times.

Purpose:          For the congregation to consider how they might practice their prayer, mediation, and learning so as to have strength for difficult times.

Scriptures:       1 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17  Paul and the others did not come to deceive or “sell” the gospel but came to share what they had received themselves.

                        Luke 20:27-38 Sadducees question Jesus about the resurrection, but God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.


What difference does the resurrection mean to our perspective and values for this life? How does God’s promise of resurrection cause us to see suffering and injustice differently? In what ways do we trust in God’s righteousness over and above the values of our earthly life? How do we become people who endure trials and hardships without being overwhelmed or discouraged? What do we know about God’s promises of justice and righteousness, and how does that affect our thinking about this life and the life to come?

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10/27/2019 Christians Practice Acceptance

Theme:            Intolerance, prejudice, unforgiveness and racism are incompatible with a healthy relationship with Christ and call Christians to constant work to be healthy.

Purpose:          The need to withhold judgment will be explored.

Scriptures:       2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18           Paul has kept the faith and accepts his circumstances even though he has been abandoned by some he thought were his friends.

                        Luke 18:9-14   Parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector praying for forgiveness.


What does it mean to be accepting of people who are different from ourselves? In what ways do we participate and live in systems that are discriminatory and oppressive? What is the difference between being racist and living in systems that are unjust? How do we become open to seeing our place and role in causing problems in which we live? What can we do to share Christ’s love in ways that are healing and renewing?

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10/20/2019 Christians Wrestle with Their Faith

Theme:            As Christians we seek to know God in our own experience and understanding, through a process of questioning and seeking.

Purpose:          The people in the congregation will grow in their understanding of what it means to struggle with their faith and beliefs.

Scriptures:       Genesis 2:22-31          God created man and women, made them to be one flesh.

                        Luke 18:1-8     Parable of unjust judge moved by persistence.


What is the experience of growing in our faith and in our relationships as Christians? How do we deal with situations that are challenging and confusing? What does it mean for our faith to persevere? What do we need to do in order to be faithful, and yet open to growth and change? How do we know the difference between being rigid and being too easily swayed? How do we deal with living faithfully when we are in times of faith transition and doubts?

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10/13/2019 Christians Thrive in “Babylon”

Theme:            The people of God work with the circumstances in which they live for peace and healing.

Purpose:          Christians are adaptable and practical in their faith, which means that they seek what is best for themselves and the people who are around them.

Scriptures:       Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7      Work to accomplish what is best in the city of your exile.

                        2 Timothy 2:8-15         Endure in the midst of hardships, Christ is faithful to us, do not get caught up in meaningless controversy.


How do Christians respond to situations in which their faith conflicts with the culture and practices around them? How do Christians manage to live their faith without being obstinate, conceited, or arrogant? How do we keep our values and priorities in a world that pushes for conformity? How do we “stand out” for Christ without being rude or inconsiderate? How do we seek what is best for the land in which we live? What does it mean to be strangers in a strange land?

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10/6/2019 World Communion Sunday, Christians Seek Healthy Family Relationships

Theme:            Meaningless conflicts, disrespect, and broken relationships are signs of immaturity and a lack of submission to Christ. Christians instead practice behaviors that support healthy family relationships.

Purpose:          The congregation will seek to support discipleship practices in their family.

Scriptures:       2 Timothy 1:1-14         Do not be ashamed of the testimony of God; a faith that Timothy received through his grandmother and mother.

                        Luke 17:5-10   Faithfulness creates faithfulness.


How is our relationship with Christ reflected in our family and other close relationships? In what ways does our knowledge of God enhance and enable us to be healthy and joyful in our relationships? In what ways are conflicts and family issues a result of failing to practice healthy forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and grace? In what ways do family struggles arise from other issues and problems that our faith and practice do not enable us to address well? How does our relationship with God assist us in those times of irreconcilable conflicts?

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Sept. 29 Worship Sermon

Guest Preacher: Chaplain Darren Beachy

Sermon title: The Pearl of Great Price

First Reading: Matthew 6:19-21

Second: Matthew 13:45-46

Abstract: Jesus cared about prioritizing. In light of the in- breaking kingdom, which is already here, we are forced to act. We are forced to determine what we must do to prepare for this new reality. What do we keep and what do we divest? Once we know that material goods will only collect rust or dust, and once we know that the only thing that counts is treasure in heaven, surely we must find a new way to live.

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September 15th, 2019

Sermon:           I Believe in Eternal Life          

Theme:            We rejoice in a relationship with God that puts our whole life span in a context of love and grace, rather than focusing on physical limitations and loss.           

Purpose:          The congregation will explore what it means to be more than a body.       

Scriptures:       1 Corinthians 15:12-20           The resurrection is the source of our hope.

                        Luke 20:27-38 The Sadducees question Jesus about the resurrection, Jesus affirms that the resurrection will be the gift of eternal life.


Do I really have to learn to play the harp? Is it just going to be like worship or do we get to do something fun? Is my back still going to hurt? Do I have to spend eternity with that person I can’t forgive? Or will it matter? If I die in an embarrassing way are people going to laugh at me the whole time? Will we be reunited with our loved ones? Will we be at peace? How do we come to see ourselves as more than a body? What difference does it make to us to believe in a resurrection? What can we do to believe in what we can neither prove or disprove?

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September 8th, 2019 Back to 2 services 8:00 and 10:30 AM

Sermon:           I Believe in Forgiveness          

Theme:            We are the people who live and practice a message of forgiveness that flows from God through all people who are willing to participate in God’s grace and healing mercy.         

Purpose:          The congregation will explore the process and work of forgiveness.           

Scriptures:       Luke 24:42-52 Jesus commissions the disciples to forgive sins and proclaim God’s love.

                        Colossians 3:1-4, 12-17           If you have been raised with Christ, seek what is above. Practice forgiveness.


Does forgiveness mean I have to like someone who wronged me? I believe in forgiveness but I’m still angry?  What if I keep forgiving someone for the same thing? How many times do I have to do that? Is there a time limit or can we wait twenty years or so? What does it mean for us to retain the sins of someone? How do we practice forgiveness in a way that enables us to be healthy and joyful? What do we do when we are struggling to let go of hurt and pain? What causes us to have difficulties in forgiving?

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September 1st, 2019 Communion Labor Day Weekend

Sermon:           I Believe in the Church           

Theme:            God has called us to be part of the community of believers in order that we may make God’s presence and love known to the world.        

Purpose:          We will affirm that together we are representatives of God’s love and covenant.  

Scriptures:       Hebrews 10:19-25       Let us provoke one another to Good Works and to not neglect the fellowship.

                        Matthew 16:13-26      Jesus gives the “Keys to the kingdom” to the church, any who want to follow need to take up their cross.


Why would I believe in a building?  Is the church a building? Do really need it? Why do so few people attend Church? What’s going to happen to people who don’t? What actually is the Church? How do we develop our ability to be part of God’s presence in the world? What do we need to do in order to accurately reflect God’s intention for the Church on earth? How can we create a space where people experience God’s presence with truth and healing grace?

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August 25th, 2019

Sermon:           I Believe in the resurrection and Judgment.  

Theme:            We believe in God’s justice and that our choices whether to follow Christ’s love or our own selfish ego determines whether we experience grace or an absence of God’s presence.   

Purpose:          To help the congregation understand judgment and responsibility as a part of our relationship with God and the world around us.               

Scriptures:       John 14:1-5, 25-27      Jesus offers peace to the disciples through the promise of the resurrection.

                        1 Thessalonians 4:13-18         We do not grieve as those who have no hope.


Is there really a Hell? Will Jesus really send people to hell or is it like threatening to send us to bed without dinner? Does he judge us? Are there bigger sins than others? When we ask for forgiveness is our slate clean?  Is there a way to hack in and see our score cards? What does it mean for us that we believe that some people are judged? Can we believe in righteousness and justice if we don’t believe in hell? How are people responsible for their own judgment? What does it mean to us that “hell” is the absence of the presence of God’s love?

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August 18th, 2019

Sermon:           I Believe in the Historical Jesus          

Theme:            As we affirm Jesus’ and experiences we are more open to our own humanity and needs as we grow closer to God.    

Purpose:          The congregation will consider their own humanity as a gift from God.      

Scriptures:       Acts 4:8-12, 23-31       Peter and John speak before the Council speaking of the historical fact of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

                        1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Paul gives testimony to the historical experience of Christ Jesus.


What is the real proof that Jesus did exist? Is there any proof that the bible is legit? Does the history really matter or is it just about the story? Where is Jesus now? How does a historical Jesus affect our perceptions of God acting in the world today? How do we understand the “reality” of God’s intervention today, because of the way God acted in the birth of Jesus in the world? How do we deal with the areas where we are less certain in Jesus’ history?

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